Stephen P. Endy, AIA, LEED

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Inspired by modern examples of compact living in Japan, this sketch explores an intricate layout of multiple functions around a simple space. Built-in storage and several sliding shoji panels transform the living and cooking spaces into a professional studio and conference room.

Features include a recessed greenhouse garden shelf, retractable desk surface, disappearing kitchenette and couch. A loft space over the kitchen and studio area could provide additional living space. The remaining space could be vaulted to a low pitched roof with kneewalls or flat roof penthouse (not shown) to respond to site context.

This design could serve as a studio in the woods or a small live/work office in town. Attempts at passive solar orientation will vary per site conditions.

Tools : SketchUp v5
Modeled : August 2006
Site : city or mountains


Personal design study by Stephen P. Endy.  All rights reserved.   updated :
November 2006