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Historic Rehabilitation

Summary of the project history :

Mill No. 2 (1853), with its North wing addition, Mill No. 6 (1915), is one of a series of structures built by the former woolen manufacturer Monadnock Mills, along the Sugar River in downtown Claremont, NH. Together these structures comprise one of the best remaining examples of an historic mill complex still standing in the United States. Now named for the most recent occupant, Wainshal Furniture Co., this structure, as well as the Peterson Mill No. 3 (1897, adjacent to the West) have been vacant since the 1970s.

While Mill No. 1 (adjacent to the East) was restored to house NH state offices, unfortunate circumstances and neglect have led to various degrees of deterioration of Mill No. 2 and 3 since they were abandoned three decades ago. Now owned by the City of Claremont, renewed efforts to restore the large mills and the surrounding landscape have brought together a diverse project team.

Economic feasibility of the Wainshal Mill restoration requires approval for Historic Tax Credit incentives provided for Certified Rehabilitation projects. Working closely with the National ParkService, each design decision is evaluated with respect to the character of the historic structure as outlined in the Secretary of State Standards.

Detailed observation of significant deterioration of the lower brick foundation wall has delayed work until the structure is stabilized. The lower exterior brick walls are now concealed below street parking that was backfilled against the face of the building in the 1970s. Seasons of freezing water infiltrating from the roof and plowing have dislodged several wythes from the interior face at the base of the five story brick wall. With temporary stabilization now installed, new complications of financing and delays to a related city development have forced this project to remain on hold.


UK Architects, PCThis project was led by Stephen P. Endy and the
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November 2006